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TechHire Nebraska is a public / private partnership currently operating in Buffalo County, Nebraska to provide candidates training and placement for high-demand jobs in the IT industry. Here’s how it works.

The State of Nebraska, Buffalo County, the City of Kearney, Xpanxion, and Invest Nebraska have worked to build partnerships with local training institutions to ensure that individuals who successfully complete the Buffalo County TechHire program are connected with IT jobs at local partner companies, working with software development and quality assurance analysis.  The partners on this new initiative have also collaborated with training institutions on creating a 90 day training curriculum to make classes more relevant for IT workplace demand, while also giving individuals hands-on experience while working alongside current IT employees in their fields.

Why A Career in IT?

Boost your career. Positions in the IT industry are among the highest paid in the country. Additionally, IT positions promote more quickly and increase in earnings faster than other occupations.

Gain the opportunity to work fulltime at local companies. Work daily with new and exciting technology on impactful projects.

Who is TechHire for?

The TechHire program is built specifically to target those without an IT background. We are working to provide opportunity to candidates that have not had the opportunity to pursue a professional career. This includes:

  • those with low income
  • those without formal education
  • minorities
  • those with dependents and children
  • those with a general interest in computers / technology
  • high aptitude learners
  • those with professional demeanor

The Curriculum

Our training will provide a wide array of foundational training and lasts for 90 days. Completion results in potential fulltime job placement with companies that need your skills. Our first class for TechHire will focus on training individuals to be software quality assurance analysts which are professional software testers. You will learn to thoroughly work through websites and software applications to find issues, make recommendations, and get paid to break software.

Success Stories

“After spending 21 years in the military in multiple fields and managing a restaurant for over 10 years.  During that time I realized that a lifestyle change was desperately needed.  Joining the Xpanxion team was that change, and has been one of the most rewarding decisions I could have made.  Previous experience had taught me to mold into whatever the situation called for. Now I am working throughout several QA teams guiding and assisting in multiple ways.”

Michael W. / Delivery Support Manager | Previously: Restaurant Manager

After growing up in the agricultural industry, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and began a career in sports media. When I decided to pursue a different career path a few years later, I came knocking on Xpanxion’s door with an unrelated background, but the will to learn. I was given the opportunity and haven’t looked back since. Thanks to the company’s in-house training sessions and knowledge transfer from colleagues with expertise, I’ve grown in leaps and bounds through my first year to position myself as a valuable asset for the software services company as a Business and QA Analyst.

Jason A. /  Business Analyst | Previously: Sports Writer

“I have had an interest in technology from a very young age so I submitted my resume to Xpanxion. When hired, I had limited knowledge of what being a Quality Assurance (QA) tester entailed. This is where the training program really allowed me to learn many aspects very quickly and gain a working level knowledge and understanding of the many skills necessary to be a good QA tester. In 6 months, I was promoted from an Associate QA to a QA Analyst and moved up to a Senior QA Analyst one year later.”

AJ L. / QA Lead | Previously: Teacher

“My accounting position at my previous company was eliminated. With limited local options, I explored a change in career as a QA analyst with Xpanxion. At first I didn’t think I was qualified, but discovered a comprehensive training program was available to bring me up to speed. I started as an Associate QA Analyst, but was promoted all the way to a QA lead within two years.”

Charley P. / QA Lead | Previously: Accountant

“I had been working in the social services field for about 14 years and decided I was in need of a career change. I have always enjoyed troubleshooting minor PC and network problems. So I pursued an opportunity with Xpanxion. Four months into my IT career, I am a Release Manager. The success of my responsibilities relies on maintaining professional communications with the clients on a daily basis.”

Bill S. / Release Manager | Previously: Social Services Worker

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